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VW „Käfer“

After around 1200 hours of work and with an budget of around 14000DM the Käfer shone with a new luster.

A short clip: „Käfer in action“

Based on the registration document the year of construction is 1970.

Before me there were two other owners of this vehicle.

Since mid of the 80s the vehicle was standing outside and oxidizing day by day. I bought the vehicle 1995 for about 500DM.

I‘ve started the restoration in January 1997 .

On this side I am going to present some things about my VW „Käfer“. My VW „Käfer“ was completely refurbished in 1997.

The bottom plate was sandblasted and galvanized at an company near to me.

The Base of the housing was very bad, to sum up all replaced parts here would be to much, amongst other things new side skirts, wheel arches and much more was renewed.

Paint work was done by an friend who did already some paint work before.
The bottom plate was painted yellow, front and back axis red and the gear box got black.
The body itself was painted with an effect

varnish (blue/green) which was not cheap that time, but it was a „must have“ ;).

Mai 1997 all work on bottom plate and body was finished.

Based on the missing knowledge 1997 the welding was done externally at an company with a lot of experience on such vehicles.

The remaining rust removal I did self-reliant.

The vehicle was completely cored, engine, gearing and all harnesses were removed,

the housing was unfastened from the bottom plate and the axis were removed.

Now it was time for marriage (body and bottom plate got combined) and the reconstruction went into the hot phase.

After the body shell was on it‘s own feet I applied my attention to the electric.
Due to the fact that the original wire harnesses were not reusable I decided for an individual wiring.

The whole activity went on for three weeks. Some tricks were necessary to connect Käfer electric together with Porsche instruments.

Mid of August all work was finished. After a short period of test drives to get brakes, engine and the Porsche instruments running it was time for Technical Control Board (TÜV).